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[Looking for] Win-Ox Oxidizer

Dave: You can get it from the source, Bob Winston who’s been making it
for over 40 years. Call him at 925-691-7626


Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry about where I could
order Win-Ox jewelry oxidizer. It is indeed available from
Thunderbird and Indian Jewelry Supply. However, I took John’s advice
and called Bob Winston, “who’s been making it for over 40 years”. I
had a lively and enjoyable conversation with Mr. Winston who is over
80 years old. Mr. Winston is enthusiastic about his Win-Ox product
and about jewelry making. He is interested in supplying mail orders.
He doesn’t use e-mail so you have to contact him by mail or telephone
at: Bob Winston 1110 Contra Costa Blvd Suite B Concord, CA 94523