[Looking for] Wax web

Rio Grande has discontinued wax web. Does anyone know of a supplier
of this product? Thanks, Jim

g’day is wax essential? , why cant it be a plastic webbing or mesh
instead, its available in more different varieties and sizes and alot
easier to work with.

cheers markyp
Bendigo Mettlecraft

Jim as an alternative I have a friend who made a mold of the web and
now just injects his own with the wax injector. I assume you are
talking about the webbing to line flasks for casting. Try Swest and
ask for Vac-u-liner. Or check with your local
liqueur store for the plastic mesh from wine bottles. Frank Goss

All, Wax web is NOT discontinued and Rio Grande does still carry it.
Rio has improved the manufacturing process and re-tooled the items
necessary to make this product and in doing so, has slightly delayed
the delivery. The product will be available early May and you will
not experience the delivery problem again. Hope this helps!

Joe Lovato

Hi, I designed and manufactured a much better product than wax web
which can be shipped anywhere in the world and does not fall apart
when being bent. It’s called Tivac Liners and is available through me
or through The Contenti Co. ( 800-343-3364 ) or the Gesswein Co. (
800-544-2043) and the Swest Co also carries it.

I do have sizes that they normally don’t carry. My number is

I have a webpage that shows them being used at this address:
http://www.racecarjewelry.com/page03.html This page is the beginning
of the lostwax page and at the bottom of the page you will see a "next
" button. The following page shows the Tivac Liners being used.

Daniel Grandi

Hi…I do believe that plastic fumes during burnout are much more
noxious than wax. Jim

We have been using plastic straws, held along the side of the flask
with a paper clip until the investment hardens. Have to heat the end
that is going into the investment and pinch it closed with a pliers,
or tape it of fill it with softish wax. You can put in a many as you
want, where you want. We didn’t like the wax either as it was ALWAYS
breaking and it was a bit pricey. I did find some plastic, foam
webbing once and it was great, but to date haven’t more so just use
the straws.

John Dach

    We have been using plastic straws, held along the side of the
flask with a paper clip until the investment hardens. 

When I was learning vaccum casting - in the days before wax web. We
made hooked rods of brass (3mm or as desired). They were long enough
to almost reach the bottom of the flask and had a hook on one end
which rested on the edge of the flask during the investment pour.
When the investment was set, we would wiggle the hook a little and the
rod could be pulled up and removed leaving the hole. These were
reusable and one could use as many or as few as necessary in each
flask. By pre-making them in the desired lengths once, you had a
supply to last and reuse indefinitly.