[Looking for] Wax Model

I am in need of a wax model of a U.S.MARINE CORP ring. Or a U.S.
MARINE CORP ANNIVERSARY ring wax. Or even one in sterling silver that
I can make a mold of to cast in gold for a customer who has lost
theirs. None of my wax catalogs show this ring. Any suggetions would
be appreciated.

Charles Hayes
Hayes Jewelers

Charles Hayes on the U.S. MARINE CORP. ring if you have a design copy
of that particular ring, contact 905 763-9920 speak to Oreet, they
deal in American rings with extreme great details. I do most of their
diamond setting and school rings. Please use my name,eh!..Gerald
Lewy. I don’t make any commission, just a
satisfaction of helping them…gerry, the cyber-setter / helper /