[Looking for volunteers] Create Christmas-themed

Hi All! I’m happy to say that I’m back in writing mode after taking
some time off following the birth of my daughter in December, and I’m
once again turning to you fine folks on Orchid for help with an

Do any of you creative and talented folks create jewelry or beads
specifically targeted for holiday wear? Things like Christmas-themed
pieces or incorporating special holiday colors, such as red and green

Christmas or red, white, and blue for Independance Day? If so, would

consider sharing what you’ve learned about this market with me for an
article in Lapidary Journal?

I’d like to arrange telephone interviews with anyone willing to share
their ideas on this topic. Please e-mail me directly at
@Suzanne_Wade or give me a call at (508) 339-7366, and we can
a good time for an interview. (And yes, I’m happy to make
international calls, so this certainly isn’t a U.S. only request :wink:

Thank you all in advance!