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[Looking for] Used SCM machine

This is my first time to post, though I have lurked for a long time.
I really enjoy the and the humor in this forum. I have
been doing lapidary, faceting and silver and gold work for some time
as a hobby. I went into business about 8 years ago and have been
full time for about 4 years, selling my pieces in art shows,
festivals, shops and galleries. One thing I have noticed about
Jewelers is their willingness to help and share the knowledge that
they have with others, which makes me proud to be affiliated with
such a fine group of people. You shall be hearing more from me in the
future, as I did not know that all I had to do to post was to reply
to the e-mail (what a magical day and age we live in)!

Much thanks and appreciation to Hanuman!

I would like to ask any one who might know of a SCM machine that is
for sale? SCM stands for “Special Cut Machine”, it was made by
Jarvi Tool Company (makers of the Facetron faceting machine), and is
used for doing concave faceting. I contacted Jarvi Tool and they
said they are not producing that machine anymore, it was mainly a
special order machine and after Norman Jarvi died they quit offering

I am aware that Polymetric offers an OCM machine for concave
faceting and that is probably the route I will go if I can not locate
a SCM.

If you have or know the whereabouts of one of these machine you can
contact me at @rb612 , any will be greatly


Randy, You might have better luck posting to one of the online
faceting forums, like the Faceter’s Digest:

To subscribe:
To post:

There are a couple of others, too, but I don’t have their addresses

Linda in MA, where we’re still having spring showers…