[Looking for] Thin metal copper

Greetings: I am searching for .0005 and .001 copper. I would prefer
surplus or recycyled. Do you know of any source for this? Also I would
be interested in a manufacturer of this if I can’t locate the
recycled or surplus. Thank you

The source for almost everything manufactured and distributed in the
USA is <www.thomasregister.com>. Or go to your local library and see
the complete set of books published annually. Bill

There are several manufacturers of thin copper listed in the Thomas
Registry. The stuff is very expensive and there are high minimum
orders. You may be able to find a company which will sell you what
they consider to be “scrap” or odd lengths, for less $$ per foot. I
researched this about two years ago for a project I wanted to do, but
ultimately decided I didn’t need enough of the copper to justify the
cost and the minimum order. (Sorry I don’t have any manufacturer
names for you.)

Rene Roberts

I once purchased a 1’ wide by 10’ long roll of thin brass at a
roofing supply place. I would think you could get thin copper sheet
there as well as it is also used for flashing. HTH Debra

-Really- thin copper sheet (and brass, pewter and aluminum) can be
had in small rolls at reasonable cost from here:
http://store.yahoo.com/fimo/artemsofmet.html It is sold for craft
embossing, but it is useful for other processes.

Jack Reisland

HI - For the person looking for thin copper - I was looking for it
too, so here’s a compilation of all the replies I got. There was one
more place in Texas that was supposed to be very reasonable, but I
can’t find that email. I believe it was Dar Sheldon who told me about
that one, so Dar - if you remember, send it along!

Ivy in Oakland

36 ga copper is St. Louis Craft; 	314-638-0038 or stlouiscrafts.com

or e-mail at stlouiscrafts@aol.com. Available in 12" and 16". You
can buy any length - a 3’ x 12" is $7.40. They are good people to
work with.

Michael’s Art Supplies (most major or mid sized cities and has a web
site I can’t remember) carries 2 thin gauges of copper (about 32 and
34 ga) as well as thin brass and aluminum called embossing metals.
The copper is about $5. for a tube with a 9" x 12" sheet. Look in the
embossing display (paper crimpers, etc.).

Thin Metal Sales, Inc. 15047 Sierra Bonita Lane Chino, CA 91710-8902
909-393-2273 (34 ga copper) CDA 110 Soft Copper .006 x 12=94 Sold by t=

Online Metals 800-704-2157 206-285-8603 Fax: 800-533-6350
www.onlinemetals.com Soft Copper .006 x 6=94 or 12=94

Industrial Metal Supply (LA, Orange County, San Diego) they have thin
copper available in boxes called shim stock 6=94 x 10=92 =96 around
$45.00/box ($$$$$) call your local store prior to going to make sure
it is in stock.

R.J. Leahy in SF. 1475 Yosemite Ave. 415.863.2756. You can buy it
in 12" wide rolls, or larger sheets.

Morning All, Try this link, for rolls of wonderful thin metals.


This should give you a great idea of what is out there.


Try a metal salvage place. They sell great stuff by the pound.
Have found not only copper and brass but a number of items usable as
stakes or formers, etc.