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[Looking for] Sydney casting company


Hi i am just getting into wax carving, and am looking for a casting
company in Sydney. Could someone advise of a company that would be
willing to cast 1-5 pieces at a time. and what price range i would
be looking at for fairly chunky sterling silver rings. Any help
would be appreciated. Regards,



Hi Louise, I can happily recommend either Chemgold in Chippendale or
Palloys in Surry Hills. Both are expert and helpful. No links to
either, just happy with both. (we’ve missed you at engraving classes)
Kind regards, Rex


Louise, I was using Chemgold in Chippendale, nice people, and I never
had a problem with them - no assoc etc.

37 O'Conner St
02 9698 8500

The sign on the door doesn’t say Chemgold, I can’t remember what it
does say, but just hit the buzzer.