[Looking for] Sterling tubing

I took a workshop with Chris Dunway a while ago (which was great!),
and one of the things we used a lot in it was heavy-walled,
sterling, telescoping tubing. I’ve found some thin-walled
telescoping which works for some things, but haven’t been able to
find the heavy-walled. He had it in 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, and 1/16, and
they all fit snugly into the next size up. Unfortunately he didn’t
remember where he’d gotten it…

Anyone know where I might find these?
Thanks in advance,
Amanda Fisher

Amanda – try Metalliferous in NYC — they have the biggest
selection of silver tubing. 212 - 944-0909 They are very nice
people to do business with. HTH, Adrienne