[Looking for] SS byzantine style chains

Hello Orchidians! It’s nice being back in the forum after a two-month
break where I had to take care of my newborn baby girl - and her
mother ;)!

I need SS byzantine style chains in bulk sizes, and the only
reference I have are Rio Grande’s catalogs. Unfortunately, they only
sell that type of chain individually and the smaller size is 18".
Does anybody know of a reliable source (in Canada preferably) where
I could get that type of chain, but not as individual ones so I can
choose to make, say, 15" chains or bracelets at my own will?

Thank you all!
Benoit Hamel

Have you tried Downeast Trading (http://www.downeasttrading.com/)? I
know they’ve been recommended here before. I’ve never actually bought
anything from them but have corresponded with them via email and
they’ve got the “customer care” aspect of their business down pat.

Christine in sunny, autumnal Littleton, Mass.