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[Looking for] Silver Jewelry Experts in SF Bay Area

Hi all - A friend recently shared with me the most amazing collection
of silver jewelry that she had inherited.

I have a display case in Piedmont Lane Gallery in Oakland where I
sell most of my handmade jewelry, but it sticks out like a sore thumb
since the surrounding cases are full of traditional silver jewelry,
and I thought that she might like to sell some of her collection by
putting it in my case.

The problem is that we are completely stymied about how to price it.
Some of it is so unusual - to my untrained eye - that I’d hate to
offer something really special at a fraction of what it’s worth. We
would like to find a knowledgeable silver person who can do a kind of
triage of the collection, dividing it into fairly ordinary or very
extraordinary before we proceed. Concurrently, we are also doing
research at the library, hoping to find some books to guide us, but
we’d really prefer to work with someone.

Any ideas?