[Looking for] Silver bracelet

Hi, my name is Tamra… I live outside of Houston, Texas. I am
looking for someone to make me a silver bracelet. It is for my
fiance’s birthday (8-28). He has been looking for this particular
design for over 2 years and no one seems to carry anything like it.
I feel my last resort is having one custom made. If you can help me,
or know someone who can, please let me know as soon as possible. Just
to let you know what I am looking for: A man’s bracelet with solid
silver links about an inch in length each by 1/2" in width, connected
by a small silver loop or chainlink (not sure what it is called) …
Please help me!!! Sincerely, Tamra

I can do this for you- if you can e-mail or snail-mail a sketch, I’m
sure I can do it. I work in Philadelphia, Jeweler’s Row. I specialize
in custom work, all my customers have been very happy. Hope to hear
from you…please e-mail offline…thanks! Jen

Tamra, I am in a wholesale jewelers’ building in Los Angeles with
about 300 wholesale tenants. (Been here 18 years, so I know 1 or 2
suppliers .) One of my friends is a MAJOR supplier of Sterling
chain, and I have made a photocopy of four chains which might be what
your fiance wants.

If you’ll send me a FAX number, and your email address (so we don’t
have to bother the whole Orchid list with this correspondence, I’ll
FAX the picture to you. These are BIG, HEAVY bracelets, from 59 to 97
grams of sterling. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings, davidlotr@yahoo.com,