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[Looking for] Ring sizer

Hello everyone! I’m looking for a ring sizer. New? Old? It doesn’t
matter. I know Rio Grande has some and I’ll check if MPG Repair has
some on sale, so if you have one for sale or know of someone or some
company that does, write me.

Have a nice day!

Try Preston Ruther’s site, he has nany tools including both plastic &
metal ring sisers. you’ll find him at : www.wire-sculpture. com/.
Fire Mountain Gems is another place to check at: Hope these help. Lady Jewell

Attn. Benoit. Ring Sizers there are three kinds.

  1. Manual taper punch and stepped ring holder. (Economical &
    Effective) $12.00

  2. Ring Enlarger with 17 rollers can do stone set rings too. $45.00

  3. Upright Ring Enlarger & Reducer very good for wedding bands.

These are the most popular ring sizers on the market. We would be
glad help you. Regards Monica

Hello Monica!

How is everyone in NY? is everybody alive? How is Kenneth (I used to
exchange with him before)?

As for the ring sizers, I’d go with number 3: 3. Upright Ring Enlarger
& Reducer very good for wedding bands.$140.00

Do you have a picture so that I could see it? When I bought a rolling
mill earlier last month, Kenneth sent me a picture of the Karat
rolling mill.

Since I am a silversmith and that wedding rings or bands are rarely
produced in my workshop, will the ring enlarger work. A big
proportion of my work doesn’t have stones.

Write me back!