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[Looking for] Richard Kimball

Hello all: I have been offline for awhile but need some help locating
a jeweler named Richard Kimball who was represented by the Aaron
Faber Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. My father gave
my mother a beautiful ring made by Kimball many years ago -sapphire
and tube set tiny diamonds on a fabricated and cast combination. The
ring was stolen when we were both visiting family in Guatemala. I
would like to contact Mr. Kimball to see if he could recreate the
ring for her. Does anybody know Mr. Kimball or is he by chance on
the Orchid line? Hopefully he is still “with us”! Thanks so much -
please contact me offline at Thank you!

Shael Barger

Eddie Faber still has a store in Manhattan near the Museum of Modern
Art. You could contact the store, perhaps Richard Kimball still shows with them.

Richard Kimball Designs is located at 270 St. Paul Street, Denver, CO
80206 303-388-6624 Fax is 303-388-6677- His Gallery is hosting a fine
jewelry show for Snag 2002 in Denver