[Looking For] Reconstituted material for doublets/triplets

Greetings all,

We’re making some beautiful doublets with clear/rutile/star quartz,
putting a solid color background for the backing. For example, rutile
with a backing of onyx. We’re having trouble finding reasonably priced
onyx slab material.

This month, Gem Resources has their reconstituted block material on sale.
I’m wondering has anybody out there used it, and if you have, could you
please comment on its durability, ease or difficulties using it, and
anything else that is worth taking note of.

Thanks so much,

Rick and Kristi

When I can’t get good black Onyx, I use black Tourmaline. Seems to work
just as well. But getting some good black Tourm. that will have few
cracks is hard also. Don’t have a good supplier. But am looking.

Rick & Kristi,
Have you considered using Jet as your backing material? Olympic Mountain
( http://www.omgems.com ) stocks premium Virginia Jet, mined back in the
1930’s, for $24/lb. I’ve found that natural materials are more desirable
from a collector’s point of view… The reconstituted stuff is
basically just plastic with gemstone dust added for color. -Pete-

Not sure how good the price is, but I have gotten black onyx slab from New
Era Gems before. I usually pick some stuff up from them when I go to a
gem show, but they do mail order. See Lapidary Journal, they advertise
like crazy in there. –

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