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[Looking for] Quote reference

I’m currently researching an article on ruby, and came across a quote
by Dr. James B. Nelson published in the Journal of Gemmology in 1985
describing his efforts to find a quantitative description of the
colour “pigeon’s blood”.

Would anyone have the details of the article, i.e. full title of the
article, Vol. No., page, etc.?

This quote was apparently also published in Richard W. Hughes book
“Rubies and Sapphires” (ISBN 0964509768).

Any help in locating the source would be greatly

Thanks in advance! Dianne

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario

You can contact Dr. Roger Harding, Editor, the Journal of Gemmology,
GAGTL, 27 Greville Street, London EC1 N 8 SU, UK. Or e-mail:

Tay Thye Sun

The term pigeon blood is a slang expression to desrcribe a ruby. I t
has no quantifiable terms either scientifically or in the trade.
Pigeon’s blood is pink in color. Mike

To my knowledge Pigeon’s Blood refers to a rich, saturated red w/ no
pink to it all, somewhere between maroon and crimson. It may well be
a slang expression, but you hear it fairly frequently in the trade.

I found some fairly humorous and some rather gruesome descriptions of
"Pidgeon’s Blood" red, which is why I was looking for the quote
reference. Dr. Nelson’s description is one of the more
tongue-in-cheek ones.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request - I’ve received some
leads which I will follow up.

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario