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[Looking for] Photography equipment

Dear all: We are looking to set up a photo station to shoot
professional quality photos of the original design jewelry we create
in our studio. We have done some experimenting over the years and
have had moderate success, but we realize that to quickly create
consistently good photos, we need a better set up. We need a
platform on a gimbal mount to allow the camera to take photos from
all directions around the item at a specified distance. We are happy
with the 35mm SLR olympus and the epson digital cameras that we
currently own, and we would like to use them interchangeably with
the platform we are searching for. Our focal length range is
approximately 5" to 12". At one time Apple computers offered
something like this to create virtual images, but we are unable to
locate it currently. Any help or references you could give us would
be greatly appreciated.

david lee jewelerDr. E. Hanuman Aspler
		[ G a n o k s i n . C o m ]