Looking for overseas casting company

About my request for and overseas company.

Let me reply, but first let me apologize. I certainly didn’t mean to
offend anyone. I was referred to this website as an international
jewelry exchange. I had no idea…I had only visited the site
once or twice before, I’m sorry.

I’ll tell you why I was looking for an overseas company. No company
that I know of in the US is willing/able to do what I need done. The
ones I’ve asked to do it are already at their maximum capacity. I’ve
even gone as far as trying to find a student to work for us right
out of school…no luck there either.

I am CERTAINLY open to hearing from anyone interested!

Again, I’m sorry I offended you. I hope you will forgive me!

Respectfully Submitted,
Kim Moses

Dear Kim,

I hadn’t seen your original request and was wondering what started
the “made in the USA” thread. Your request sounds legitimate and I
feel bad that anyone would now have a bad impression of this forum
or my country, the US of A. I too thought that Orchid was
international, especially since Hanuman is in Thailand and from
Europe. There are quite a few overseas posters as well as non-US
American continent countries. As you can see there is understandably
a passionate fear of losing income and people will defend it, we do
that quite well in fact. It is important, though, that we in the US
remember that we are part of the world community and share this
forum with all jewelers. I find it amazing and exciting that the
Internet has shrunk the world a little bit and have hopes that once
we get to know people outside our respective borders, we will think
twice about all thoughts and actions.

Marta Irvin, Sacramento, CA -USA-World- soon to be Moon and Mars? Whoa!