Looking for info about kirksite button dies

info about kirksite button dies

Hi James,
If youve checked, no one has responded to your request, you may wonder why?
Its because this forum is primarily a jewellers forum, and as far as im aware, some one might just prove otherwise! Im the only production as in hundreds of minted or wrought items in sterling and other metals.
To do this one needs production machinery and bench jewellers dont have this.
However I do, so could help you. Especially as I have made and do make buttons.
Dies for production use are normally made in steel, kirksite isnt really suitable for high detail, just simple forming dome shapes for example.
So wether it will do what you want depends on the design of the button.
Send a picture of this to this forum along with the no of buttons you want to make, in what metal, and what machinery you have or think you need, where you are based and what experience you have in metalwork, and well be able to point you in the right direction.
in County Doset