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Looking for help with casting and polishing


In an effort to make my on-paper designs come to life, which I’ve been trying to do for oh, about 40+ years, I have discovered 3D printing. One of our local libraries allows me to print my 3D images for a minimal cost (10 cents per gram of the material). I recall way back when that I was able to create silver jewelry with wax (and other meltable materials, like plastic buttons – one of my favorite pieces from back then was created with wax wire and a plastic heart button) so I was wondering if anyone here could take my 3D prints and make them into silver (and possibly polish them also???).

Anyone who can do this sort of work, please contact me off list and give me an idea of cost (or how I could find out costs) per gram, perhaps, or however you might charge me.

Thank you


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Hello Debbie,
If you are looking towards sourcing from India, I could suggest a big 3 D
printing and finishing company who presently does a lot of outsourced work
for major international 3D to model houses in various metals like brass,
bronze and silver with various surface finishes,plating and even colours.
Khushroo H.Kotwal

I am Kapil from india I am making Master model and molds by CAD file.
making jewelry for few clients with very attractive prices. My clients from
USA, Canada, Europe,Japan .

Kapil Jain
Importer , Exporter Gems & jewelry
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