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Looking for Hebrew letter stamps

Does anyone know where I might be able to find Hebrew alphabet
stamps? My modern hebrew isn’t good enough to read the Israeli
sites… But I thought one of you lovely people might know a source
for foreign alphabet stamps.


Hello Bekka

Try this Harper manufacturing

as they can custom make stamps and they are of good quality. They
also already have quite a collection of interesting stamps available
such as alphabet, numbers, Viking runes, Indian stamps, Egyptian
stamps, etc.


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Dear Bekka,

Well, this is what my search has turned up re Hebrew alphabet

I’m afraid none of the jewelers’ supply stores in the country (there
are not many) carry the sets of Hebrew letter stamps any more…I
also tried machine shop tool suppliers and stamp makers. They all
say that if they have an order for this, they get it from abroad.
There is no longer any demand for the item, so when the occasional
request comes in, they order it from Europe. I finally managed to
find one place that makes metal stamps that had one set in
stock—but it is 5mm. It is from Germany and would cost 600
shekels, which is about $130 + 17% VAT and then it would have to get
to you—they do not ship abroad). They said they will be getting in
a few sets in a smaller size (3mm) in a couple of months (?), but
that is still pretty big if you need it for jewelry. It would be
from somewhere in Europe. Every place straight-away suggested having
them specially made, which I think would be prohibitive. What do you
want to use them for? It might be more economical (and a lot easier
to use) if you just get stamps made with the words you need (?). If
anyone knows of a good place in the Far East that would make them,
the place here that has the one set would be interested to order
from them, so if that came about, you could get it perhaps cheaper
than if you just ordered one by yourself…If in the end it is a
matter of having them specially made, I guess there is no advantage
to having it done here in Israel (?)—don’t they just do it
mechanically from any graphics?

Sorry to be the bearer of not-such-good-news…I kept on thinking I
would eventually come across some little store that still had one in
the back, but most such small businesses folded quite a while
ago…:-(…If anyone in the Tel Aviv area has any leads, please
let us know! I’m not familiar with the little shops there. All
jewelers supply places in Jerusalem close down because the demand is
too small…:-(…

I’ll continue to ask around, but it doesn’t look very

Janet in Jerusalem.