Looking for Good Rough for a Good Cause

Hi All-

I’m looking for some decent facet rough from Africa- primarily
pastel and color-change garnets, sapphire and spinel- for a new art
project. If anyone can help me find good rough at close to
"mine-run" prices I’d be most appreciative. I have contacted several
licensed agents in Africa, but they all sell in kilos and we just
can’t afford to do that as this project is to help raise funds for
three very worthy causes.

In my perfect world, I’d be able to buy in 10-20 gram lots with
stones ranging from 2-6 cts (larger for the garnets). I’m looking
for eye-clean stones or rough with “interesting” inclusions. These
stones are destined to be faceted and set as eyes in anthropomorphic
precious art (sculpted in exotic wood, stone, meteorite and other
materials) designed by Greenwood Studio, so uniformity in size is a
big plus.

A significant portion of all proceeds from profits (50%) will go in
three directions:

The Bionic Priestess Project, a 501©3 Organization which is
raising funds for Jodi Monogue, a teacher and counselor in the
Atlanta, GA area. Jodi is suffering from liver failure and needs a
transplant. Her condition was diagnosed during a lapse in her
insurance coverage and so she must provide all the money for her
transplant. The Bionic Priestess Project must raise the money to
cover the operation as well as provide for medication for the rest
of Jodi’s life. Should Jodi not need the transplant due to a miracle
the money will be used to set up a foundation to help others who
need assistance of this type. For those who wish to donate money to
the Bionic Priestess Project, simply follow the link.

The Heifer Project, an International hunger and poverty abatement
program which promotes agricultural, environmental, and economic
sustainability in developing nations worldwide. The Heifer Project
has led the way in fighting hunger, illiteracy and poverty for over
sixty years; this is a fantastic way to direct money where it is
most needed in the “third world”. Again, for those who wish to
donate money to The Heifer Project simply follow the link.

The Mythic Imagination Institute, The Parent of Mythic Journeys, a
non-profit educational Conference with a grand mission: The Mythic
Imagination Institute seeks to enliven the human spirit, raise
personal and cultural consciousness, and increase cross-cultural
tolerance by working to promote mythic literacy in our modern world.

I’ll be beginning my purchasing in early August 2004- remember that
half the profits will be donated to non-profit organizations which
actually use the money to help people!

Thanks for the time and space-
Clyde Gilbert
Greenwood Studio