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Looking for gem storage

Hi Folks,

Does anyone have a good (inexpensive) supplier for those trays that hold
a couple dozen little boxes for gemstones (small/faceted stones). I’ve
seen vendors at gem shows who specialize in this sort of stuff, but
can’t get a line on one, at the moment.

Thanks in advance,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hi, I think Swest has some for a reasonable price? 800-527-5057


Have you tried Bourget Bros. in California? They have all sorts of
relatively inexpensive display and packaging items.


Believe it or not… Fire Mountain Gems has the best price I’ve seen
anywhere, especially if you but 12 at a time.

Check out what I have up for auction# LIFE IS GOOD!

Try Rio Grande…1 800 545 6566. Ask for their display and packaging
catalog. Jerry in Kodiak