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[Looking for] Flatware

Hello, I have a customer that brought me a mystery a while ago. I’m
trying to find some on some flatware she brought to me.
There are 144 pieces and the company was out of Thailand. The flatware
all have a goddess and the word “Siam” on the lower part of the ware.
I’ve set up a few images on a web page, and thought maybe some of you
might recognize the company or the pattern or something. The web page
is when you get there click on the link that says
"Have you seen these?" on the right side of the page. It will take
you directly to the images. It’s kind of slow to download but if
anyone could help out with some my customer and
I would really appreciate it…Charolette

Dear Charolette,

I have seen the flatware that you posted about, it is quite common in
the Kingdom and is primarily made for the visiting tourist market. It
is more decorative than functional, as it is made from brass, and
isn’t really intended for daily table use. It is not very sturdy, the
metal is soft and it also tarnishes quite easily. I can’t tell you
anything about the origin of the design, but it is rather generic by
Thai standards and is made strictly for tourists. This pattern is
readily available at most department stores and many gift shops in
Bangkok. It is quite likely available at the Thai gift shops and
markets in Los Angeles as well.

Here is a listing for one of the largest Thai manufacturers of
silverware, nielloware, and such. I am not sure if they are the ones
who produce it but perhaps they could provide more or
direct you to the source.

Company : Thai Nakon Intimex Co., Ltd. 
Address : 79 Prachathipatai Road Banpanthom 10200 Pranakhon 
Bangkok Thailand Postal Code : 10200  
Phone No: 662-2828947,662-2828949 
Fax No: 662-2827372 

Hope this is helpful,

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA