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[Looking for] Fine Silver in Square Wire

Does anyone hav a source for square wire in fine silver. I need 1.0
mm square. I have tried the obvious places, but Hoover and Strong and
David H. Fell do not carry SQUARE wire in fine silver. Please do not
suggest that I make my own, I do not have the equipment for that, I am
simply looking for a source to buy some.

Does anybody want to make me some and sell it to me? I need about 1
oz. for now.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

Daniel, Stuller has it in their Metals Catalog from .75mm up to 6mm.
Their phone # is 1-800-877-7777. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Hi Daniel, Stuller has square fine silver. 1(800) 877-7777. Also,
the part about not being a jeweler? From your picture I have to say,
yes you are! It’s a fine looking ring.


Try Rio Grande, they on the net @ They also have
free catalogs. Hope they have what you’re looking for. If not just
give them a call, it an 800 number and ask,I’ve found the very helpful
in the past. Hope this helps,


Have you tried Rio Grande’s Gems and Findings Catalogue-August
2000-August 2001, p. 32? The smallest gauge carried is 18 dead soft
with a width and thickness of .040. Could it be that truly fine
silver is TOO SOFT to fabricate into squared wire?


I ran into this problem several years ago. I like to use square wire
in cloisonne. I purchased a square wire drawplate for under $20 and
then I keep 10 - 12 gauge fine silver wire on hand. I ended up buying
several other shapes of drawplates when I discovered how easy it was
to do my own. I know you don’t want to make your own, but I found
that this was the only way I could get it at the time. I have a very
small work area in my basement and since I had a sturdy bench vise and
some draw tongs, the plate was all I needed. My other suggestion
would be to try places that sell enamelling supplies, Hauser & Miller
or Rio. --Vicki Embrey