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[Looking for] Fashion Institute in states

I have been making jewellery for 8 years and have been working in a
great shared workshop for the past 2 years. I would like to go to New
York or California for 3-6 months next year to do some further
studies, not post graduate work, just a good school to stimulate new
ideas and different techniques. Does anyone have a contact for the
Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan? What other schools are
good, I have only heard or Revere Academy? I am a U.S. citizen, does
this make tuition cheaper anywhere? Any info. would be appreciated.

To Daniel Sheiner: The Revere Academy is a wonderful school, located
in downtown San Francisco. They have an excellent assortment of
classes and intensive programs. You can view all of the information
on their website:

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA

If you are interested in going to California to study, I can’t
recommend any school more than the Revere Academy in San Francisco.
It’s a great facility with exceptional instructors. The Academy
offers several different programs, including preparation for the
Bench Jewelers Certification test. And what better town to live in
than San Francisco. I’ve been to classes there myself and know
several of the master instructors. I don’t think you would go wrong
if you choose to further your studies there. Good luck! Gini in
very hot, muggy Florida

I attend classes at the Revere Academy in San Francisco whenever I
can, and have never been disappointed. The teachers are excellent,
but just as important for what you are after, the students are on
average very skilled and an equally terrific source of inspiration. Enjoy!

Daniel, The Revere Academy is first rate. The classes cover a full
range of what you might want to learn, from design and marketing to
basic skills, including J/A Bench jeweler certification. I have been
to many classes there and continue to send my jewelers there on a
continuing education basis. I would try to be there during the
Masters Symposium, some of the greatest talent in the world comes to
Revere to teach and there are things shared there that you can’t get
any where else. All the instructors I have dealt with will go the
extra mile to make sure you get out of the class what you came for.
I have learned tons and after 20 years a the bench I continue to go
to Revere to learn more. I believe that your best investment in time
and dollars would be spent at Revere.

Ray Holliday

Hi there! Are you thinking of FIT, The Fashion Institute of
Technology in New York City? I just graduated from their jewelry design
program. I would recommend it to anyone, especially the one year
program for people who already have a bachelor’s dergree. It is the
only program I know of in the United States that truly focuses on fine
jewelry design and manufacture. You can go to many other schools for
art or craft-type jewelry, but I think FIT is the best place for high
end and commercial jewelry. That’s why I chose the school. I’m not
sure if you want to focus on design and rendering or on studio
techniques and what experience you have already. The school year has
2 regular semesters (Spring and Fall) running 3 months each and three
mini semsters runing three weeks long. Not all jewelry classes run
every semester. This could pose a problem if you are looking to stay
for only six months. I would try contacting Michael Coan, he’s taking
over as the chairperson while Tony Lent is on sabbatical. Michael can
be reached at FIT (212) 217- 8875 or at his home (email me privately
and I will send it to you.) The Revere Academy is also a great school,
I’ve never been there to take classes but I’ve heard rave reviews from
all who have attended.

-Juliet Gamarci