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Looking for Etching Company

Howdy, I need to find a place to have some steel plates etched to
make embossing dies with. Please and thank you nice jewelry making

Your friendly neighborhood pancake die chef, Dar Shelton

Hi Dar; This is just a tad far afield for me, but wouldn’t it be
better to have embossing dies cut directly with a CAD-CAM driven
carbide bit? I’m thinking that the etched dies wouldn’t have a clean
edge where the etch ends and would tend to hand on the metal being
struck. Or perhaps you’d have a graphite cutting die made with CAD
and use EDM to burn down into the die. I’m questioning this mainly to
open the subject up and hear what different opinions are (as well as
to demonstrate my general ignorance) ;->

David L. Huffman

Dar, This is something that I can assist you with come mid September.
It will not be acid etched, but laser etched. The laser will be
capable of deep engraving in both 2D and 3D relief’s. The surface can
be flat or curved or completely cylindrical, makes no difference. The
beauty with this technology, is that all tooling can be hardened and
tempered and then cut, which is the complete opposite to conventional
milling which we also do on our Vertical Machining Centre. We can
accept many formats ranging from Postscripts,DXF, HPGL,TIFF,BMP,PCX,
to STL, IGES STEP Parasolids etc. Therefore simple drawing packages
can have access to this technology in supplying files and by us
utilizing Type3 we can take it from there. Give me a call and I will
be more than happy to assist you. If anyone would like further
regarding this technology and its capabilities within the
jewelry industry, the feel free to contact me. Best Regards. Neil
George 954-572-5829