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Looking for double clad gold/silver/gold bimetal

does anyone know who can supply 22k/fine silver/22k sheet or something similar to this?

does anyone know someone who makes bimetal tubing in larger 10mm+ diameters?

if i have to get this custom made, who would i go thru?

i do not want thin plating, i really want the considerably thicker style of real fused bimetal
thanks has .999 fine silver and a good selection of other metals. Been dealing with them for years, great people to deal with.

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Hauser & Miller has both 18k and 22k gold/ Sterling Bi Metal sheet.
This is high quality fused Bi Metal.
Specs are at this link:

I just called for pricing, It sells by weight but it is roughly $30 a sq inch with price breaks at 2oz, 4oz, 6 oz etc…
Maximum size sheet is 3" x 12" - $1036.00

Pasternack Findings also has 22k/Sterling Bi-Metal not sure about price.

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i will call each of these places to see if they have what i need and just dont list it. Otherwise i had check all of these sites before posting here and non made dual clad, gold on both sides. And i dont believe i saw options to do fine silver.

But thanks for replying

can folks still contact and order directly from Stern Leach? seems like they don’t have a their own website other that Leachgarner sites and that parent company requires way way too big on initial orders.

and strongly Hauser suggested that i go straight to Stern Leach for the tubing i need??

Did you try Reactive Metals? I think they will custom what you want.

My friend Phil Baldwin makes a great 22k/sterling bimetal. Shining Wave Metals.

Rio Grande makes double clad gf

Aren’t Reactive and Shining wave the same?

gold fill is not usually made with silver, specially no fine silver, it is usually with a a base metal like cope or brass

yeah thanks Andy, i was thinking about asking him

reactive metals is a storefront of many items, shining wave metals is a great guy who makes fused metals for them