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Looking for Classes or Workshops in Chicago Area

Does anyone know of any good classes or workshops on jewelry
making, metalworking, lapidary, etc. in the Chicago area. I’m new
to jewelry making and metalwork, but have been learning quite a
bit on my own through books and journals (and the internet) over
the last year…

Thanks for any input.

Mark Milanich

you can try Lill Street Gallery in chicago or depending on what
you are looking to learn I can help you. I am located in chicago
and have my BFA in metalsmithing contact me @

Hi Mark, Chicago has alot of options. If you are just looking for
basic skills and a studio to use I might suggest looking at your
park district…ours in the near western burbs offers several, and
stone cutting to boot. Also try your community college, quality
varies but you get studio access again for a reasonable price.
Lill St. studios in the city offers classes…I have met people
who have taken them. Some love it, some didn’t find the caliber
high enough…hmmm, they were mostly women, I think the
female:male ratio is rather high there. I have also been told
about numerous “art leagues” that offer classes as well, but the
quality probably varies widely.

I would be interested to see where you end up.

Good Luck


Here is an overview of all the places classes are offered in
Chicago (that I know of):

Credit Classes:

Joliet Junior College
Northern Illinois University
Loyola University
Columbia College

Non-credit, Continuing Education Classes:

University of Illinois at Chicago, Special Workshops call (312)
413-5050 for a course brochure classes are held Thur.s nights in
Center Studios, the crafts center, I’m the teacher. The next
classes begin in September. My background includes college
classes, trade school, GIA training, working as an appraiser, a
bench jeweler, and in a wedding ring factory.

Hinsdale Center for the Arts, Hinsdale, Illinois I teach here
also, class begins in Oct.

Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, Illinois I teach here
also, PMC workshop will be held Sept. 26.

Lill St. Studios, Lill St. near Wrightwood
is primarily a clay place but they also have a jewelry studio.

Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, Illinois offers
glass bead making.

Rockford, Illinois Another Orchidist, Nancy teaches classes in
her workshop in Rockford.

Caravan Beads, on Clark in Chicago. teaches bead weaving, etc.
No metal work. But interesting classes.

I hope this is helpful to you Mark, and to others. If you need
help with phone numbers, or more detail on what is taught where,
please contact me.

Chicago, Illinois, US
Great Lakes