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[Looking for] Cheap giveaway crystals

Hi Folks, I always used to keep a stash of cheap fluorite crystals to
give away to kids (nieces, nephews, friends’ children, etc.) who came
over and viewed my rock/mineral/crystal collection. I always felt it
reminds them of the wonder of the experience as they grow older…
maybe feeding our next generation. Anyway, I’ve been unable to
replenish this supply at recent rock/gem shows… seems everyone used
to carry them, so nobody does anymore.

Now I’m going to do a presentation for my own daughter’s
kindergarten class (get their minds while they’re young…) and would
like to give each kid a crystal to take home. Does anyone have a
source for inexpensive, but pretty crystals I can pick up to inspire
the imagination and wonder of these bright kids? By the way, it’s a
“magnet school” program; a dual-language academy. My daughter,
Danielle, is in a Spanish immersion program. It’s a really fantastic
public school program and has received national recognition.

Feel free to email me directly, if you’d like.

All the best, and TIA (Thanks In Advance),
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Dear Dave: I have some crystals that may be just what you need.
How big do they need to be and how many. I will be more than happy
to send them to you. I wish I had the chance at a young age to enjoy
the beauty of nature. Write back when you can to… I will drop them in the mail. You would
not believe the stories we had about cleaning these. They were in
every sink in the house. They are rather special since we decided
to rock hound for our anniversary last year exactly this time last
year. These are from Ark. Mt Ida and it was a thrill the find
them. Hope to hear from you soon. Pat Dennie

Hi, I went to the same Crystal farm in Arkansas years ago at Mt Ida.
$10 a day for all you find from their tailings heaps. The woman next
to me pulled out 4 or 5 really clear stones 10" long or so. I found
alot of the 1" -3" size. I would have volunteered to send them to
Dave, but unlike you I never got the acid needed to get the orange
off of them. What kind do you use again?


Well here’s my first post…still SO MUCH to learn!!!

Don’t know where you can get “cheap” little crystals …seem every
one wants sompthin’ for em’ and it’s a bit to much!!!

BUT… don’t forget to tell them about the “magickal qualities” of
crystals… did you know that if you rub two quartz crystals briskly
together that they will “glow”!!! Larger crystals with smooth
surfaces and good clarity work best… and if anyone understands why
this occurs…I would certainly be interested in knowing! It doesn’t
seem that a spark occurs between the surfaces … so why does this


Possibly the effect is due to the piezo electric properties of
quartz. They emit electricity when twisted or strained. The acid I
remember hearing to clean quartz is Oxalic acid. I have seem it
offered for sale at rock shows before. i reccomend going to one and
talking with some of the rockhounds to get the details.

Dan Wellman

Karen, You use Oxylic acid to remove the rust from quartz crystals.
Follow the directions with the acid. Let the crystals soak at least
a week and then brush vigorously with a stiff brush (not metal). If
not all removed, soak some more.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut

If oxalic acid is used to clean quartz, and you’re looking for some,
it’s also used to bleach wood, so anywhere that sells woodworking
tools and supplies is a good bet. Or, just cook up a batch of spinach
and toss 'em in.

To find out the oxalic acid content of other foods, click here:

Cq, in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA.

Karen, I used oxalic acid. The process I used was the same describe
on 10/30/. Although we used heat from the stove and not the crock
pot. Great idea and we will do that next time. By the way, there are
new areas that have been discovered and are active.
It was a great weekend. Pat