Looking for casting service for Pt and Gold

Hello there,

I’m making a set of wedding rings - one in rose 14K and the other
in Pt and I wondering if anyone knows of a good casting service
for small jobs. I used to use Acuity when I lived in MN, but I
don’t think she does Pt, and anyway I’m in New Mexico now. Oh, and
should I use pure Pt, or 10% Ir Pt? Thanks for the info in
advance, and thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for
emerald crystals. Haven’t decided on those yet, but there is no
hurry - my customer is willing to wait (I think I’m the only person
foolish enough to undertake the job). Regards,

Elizabeth C. Wilkinson
Los Alamos, NM

e-mail: @wilkinso

Hi Elizabeth, We have a production casting facility here in
Brunswick, Maine (the land of ice!) You can e-mail me off-line for
details. We cast plat, gold of all karat and color (including 18k
paladium white, a dream to set stones in), sterling, fine silver,
silicon bronze and white bronze. You may have seen our ad in
metalsmith mag with the by-line “Taming Of The Sprue”. We enjoy
working with our customers on production and one-of-a-kind
casting. It’s rewarding when we can use our experience to solve
those production quandries with the aim of saving some time and
money. As a jeweler of 22 yrs I endeavor to bring my production
and custom fab knowledge to bear on the task at hand. E-mail or
call 207-729-3599…J.A.

Dear Elizabeth,

We are a platinum casting company in Portland, Oregon and would
love to do your platinum work for you. We recommend Pt90Ir10 for
overall quality, hardness, etc. Pure platinum would be much too
soft for a ring. Our web page has an alloy section on it which
gives the pros and cons of all the standard platinum alloys.
Sorry, we do not cast any gold, but it seems like that should be
easier to get done locally. We do have a customer in Albequerque I
could ask for a referral if you don’t have any luck finding anyone.
If you would like more about us, you can visit our
website at: http://home.att.net/~techform, or call us at

Good Luck!