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Looking for Caster In Southeast Michigan

Don’t know how to approch this so I thought I would see if somebody
is interested on the list. I am involved with with making a pitcher
in sterling silver. There is some detail that I would like to see
about having cast in sterling silver. I am not into casting and
would like to find somebody in the Southeast Michigan (Detroit area)
that might want to do the casting. Looking for somebody locally so
that I can show and talk with on what I am trying to do. If
interested you can email me off list, @Warren_TOWNSEND

Warren Townsend

I wanted to reply on the list in case this would help someone else.
SE Michigan casting company:

Au Enterprises  800-637-2278
3916 West 11 Mile Road
Berkley MI 48072

Warren, Try Au Enterprises in Berkley. Contact Linus Drogs at
800-637-2278 or 248-544-9700. No affiliation. I recall seeing
someone from there on this list recently. Perhaps they will contact

Best Regards,