Looking for Brent Keeney


I am trying to get current contact for Brent Keeney- a
fabulousjewelry maker who used to live here in Juneau Alaska and was
with a shop called Fire and Ice. I see references to his work on
Ganoksin but can’t figure the site out to get much further–we are
hoping to get in touch with him.

If anyone out there can send us an email (we are not on Facebook) or
let usknow where he is/how to reach him, I would really appreciate
it. Thanks.

Patty Ware & George Buhite

He is on LinkedIn. Located now in Bellingham WA. @ Fairhaven Gold.


It didn’t take me long to find both a Brent Keeney and a Fire and
Ice Facebook page. I would suggest that you join Facebook.

Barbara on a sunny day on Vancouver Island