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[Looking for] Breast Cancer Pin

Does anyone know where to find a source for the pink enameled
cancer pin? I have a store that sells my work that wants to carry
them. They will donate 20% of all sales to the cancer foundation.
They are already doing it with one pin but this is the one they
really want and can’t find it. I said I’d find it. Or I should have
said The Orchid will find it. :slight_smile: I personally haven’t seen the
pin, but I’ve had two sales people at Stuller and Rio tell me they
got theirs from Avon. Soooo is Avon the only manufacturer of this
pin? These people are really kind hearted. Their daughter died of
luekemia at age eleven. This is really a thing they have on their
heart to do. Thanks for any help. ~Poppy~

I have been hand making them . Take a strip of pink gold , angle the
ends, and then bend . Solder pj&sc…

Hi Poppy,

I did a search on Internet and came up with the following website you
might want to check out.

I know nothing about any of these sites, only that they sell the pin
you’re looking for. Perhaps they can point you in the right direction
as to the source.

Good Luck,
Susie Morgan
Elegant Metal Creations

These can be found in most stores which sell scrubs for nurses and
medical techs. Uniforms and More is one of the more common stores in
most large shopping centers, I am sure they would have the catalog
name of the suppliers.