Looking for blade/arch/tongue cut stones

Hello All, I’ve been looking for a selection of
blade/arch/tongue-shaped cabs in the 22x10mm range. Rio has a few,
but is very limited on type of stone. Right now I’m looking for
amethysts and having zero luck finding any. Is there a technical
reason that amethysts can’t be cut into this shape, or is there just
no demand for this type of thing? Any info would be appreciated.

Dave Hensley

I've been looking for a selection of blade/arch/tongue-shaped cabs
in the 22x10mm range. 

Hi Dave, I believe I have some in carnelian, black onyx, lapis(?),
light rose quartz… and possibly a couple other materials. No
amethyst, though. Email me offline if you’re interested, and I can
check my stock. I’m not a gem dealer… I bought a bunch of them a
few years ago for my own use and haven’t used a whole lot of them. I
also have a variety of bullet shapes… 6mm diameter in various
lengths and materials.

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Dave, I do not cut many cabochon shaped stones out of materials that
can be facetted. The reason is simple mathematics of cost of rough
versus return of profit on the finished product. Most customers are
not willing to pay a high price for a cabochon cut gemstone. Some
will, but not many. The same customer will readily pay for the
facetted gem. Most people think that there is a great difference in
the amount of time required between producing a facetted stone and a
gem cabochon. When I cut a cabochon gem amethyst it can take about
two hours to finish. If I were to facet the same stone it would take
me three hours. There is a difference in cutting a cabochon out of
the transparent gemstones and cutting one out of opaque materials.
When cutting cabs out of transparent gem materials orientation,
flaws. color zoning, and a whole host of other variables come into
play. It is as difficult to cut a gem cab as it is to cut a facetted

Gerry Galarneau

Try these guys for most anything. If they don’t stock it, they will
usually get it cut for you. Prices reasonable, service excellent.
Usual disclaimer, I don’t work for them, just like working with them
when I need something unusual. http://www.shanugems.com/ I’ve dealt
with them a number of times over the years and had great results
every time. Jim

Try Jewelry Plus, large supplies of cabs, tongue shapes, triangles,
square, all cabs, jewelryplus.net, or 1-800-5328480.

Richard in Denver