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Looking for an Internship

Dear Members,

My Name is Linda Boom. I am currently looking for an internship
outside of the United States (mainly Europe). I recently graduated
Summa Cum Laude from the Metropolitan State College of Denver with a
BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. I have also been working as an
assistant jeweler at Musselman Jewelers in Downtown Denver for the
past two years. If you need or would consider having an Intern I
would be very grateful for the opportunity. Upon request I can send
a full resume.

Thank you,
Linda Boom

Dear Linda,

I’m an European student in a jewelry art institute. Finding a great
internship (in a great compagny I mean) is quite difficult. My school
proposes several internships very interesting with good job

Where would you like to go in Europe? Do you speak any foreign
languages? What exactly do you want to do and to learn? What i can do
for you is to give your resume to the internship department of my
school. Even if you don’t study here, I’m sure they can do something
for you (foreign students are very appreciated ). Send me your
resume, I will ask, but I can’t promise you I will find!

David Chang.