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Looking for Amber & Jet Cabs

Hi, gang!

I am working on a piece of mourning jewelry for a client & I am in need of
some stones for it. One is a large oval natural Amber cab (maybe 16 x 24).
That’s the easy one.

I also need a number of natural Jet cabs. Jet is apparently not a very
common stone in cab form. Lots of beads, both actual stone & fancy black
crystals, but those aren’t what I need. I need 2 round cabs, somewhere in
the vicinity of 6-8mm, & 3 pear shaped. Two of the pears should be kinda
long & thin- maybe 8 or 10mm by 26mm or so, with a bit of a curve to them
if possible. The 3rd pear is more of a standard pear shape, 10 or 12mm by

The design isn’t finalized so there’s a bit of wiggle room. If you think
you might have what I need, email me at & I
can send you the drawing of the proposed design to give you a better idea
of what I’m looking for.

And I would like to specify that they must be natural stones, not

Thanks, all!


Have you tried W. Hamond? ( I know they are primarily retail, but I met them a few years back in Tucson at GJX and they had quite a wide variety of cabs and rough for sale.

In case you didn’t notice. This person posted at the same time that he polishes jet.

Good Luck!

Hi Sharon,
I believe Rio Grande of Albuquerque, NM has some in their gem and findings catalogue.

Susan Alby,GG
Samba Custom Design