Looking for a stone setter in SF

I have a customer who needs some diamonds set in platinum rings. The
settings are bit beyond my expertise though. The first 2 rings are
plain comfort fit 6mm wide bands, they’d like 2 princess cut .25
carat stones flush set on the inside of the ring, next to each
other. The second is a simple platinum anniversary band. They have
20 - 3mm white sapphires they’d like channel set in that. Help!
Anyone know someone in the San Francisco area that could do this for

  • Wendy


There are just a few setters in SF who will take on new work. I
would suggest you see Yoshi in the Phelan Building. I have had good
luck with him.

I know it is not what you asked for on Orchid, but I invite you to
visit our website and consider taking a few setting classes to up
your skill, help you design, direct setters, etc. Let me know if you
have any questions.


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