Looking for a stone carver

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed meeting everyone at the 1st annual Orchid Day in Waltham,
MA. Hooray for Hanuman for starting this wonderful community and
thank you Karen and friends for a gathering well done!

I am working on a bracelet that will have a 1" x 1/2" Blue Peruvian
Opal stone set in it and I am looking for anyone who has the proper
tools to carve an intaglio Hieroglyphic owl image on it for me I
would be interested in talking to you about it, or if anyone can
refer me to someone?

Thank you,

Hi Annie,

While I could probably carve your intaglio owl it I am only
beginning to get into carving, and that on a somewhat larger scale.
Since you are in the Northeast why not contact Derek Levin? He is in
Vermont. The last email address – stoneage@vermontel.net – I have
for him is a year old; I do not know if it still works. If it does
not contact me offline.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

Annie, You might contact Simon Muscat. You can see his website at:

Steve Brixner