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Looking for a round file

I have an old jeweler’s round needle file, 0 cut, that was my father’s. This file has the same diameter along its entire width; it is not tapered to a point. The diameter is about the same as the widest part of the cutting surface on a tapered one. I would love to find a file like this in a 2, 4 or 6 cut (or all).

Does anyone know where I might find this?

Check out these parallel round files at Otto Frei ;


Karl Fischer in Germany has a good selection. I have ordered from them (to US) several times and the shipping is not bad.

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Hardware stores carry chainsaw sharpening files that are fully parallel, but might be rougher than you are looking for.


Great suggestions. I’m not sure why I missed the ones at Otto when I’ve looked previously. The others are great suggestions, too… I love the different diameter choices at Karl Fischer, and the chainsaw files would be great for bulk removal. In fact, I’ve got a set of carburetor cleaning files that I use to clean my torch tips. I never even thought about using those…

Thank you all kindly for your help!