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Looking for a rolling mill

Hello everyone! I’m currently shopping for my jewelry tools and
equipment and I’m looking for two things in paticular that I could
buy used: a rolling mill and an ultrasonic bath. I live in Montreal,
Canada, so if you know somebody who’s getting rid of this type
of equipment, just let me know!

Hi all I think somebody was looking for a good rolling mill, The
Karat rolling mill is very strong I just received mine and I was
surprised I couldn’t have imagined how strong was that small workhorse
until the day I received it, I decided to roll a 2 1/5 inch width
plate without bolting it to the bench.I just put a rubber mat under
it. and started to roll it(very easy) I’ve never had done that with any
other rolling mill,maybe is the reduction gear but I was rolling it
with no effort . The reason I bought it was because I wanted to make
pattern wire for bangles and earrings and now I’m using it for
everything mainly for the hard to roll flat stock including very wide
plates and still have not bolted it to the bench yet.