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Looking for a manufacturer

I am looking for a company who is capable of reproducing a line
of cast bi-metal, hand engraved, granulated and mechanized (
original clasps and mechanisms) jewelry, either in the U.S. or
abroad. I am also looking for advice on how to find such a
company in case one doesn’t come up on Orchid.

I live and work in downtown L.A and have access to much of the
above. The challenge is in finding the person who is capable of
the bi-metal process.

Are there any other designers out there who have made this move
who care to share their experiences here? Is it interesting to
have the work done overseas? One main concern of mine is the
issue of confidentiality, which I have a sense that here in
downtown L.A. there is a lack of.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Peter Slone

I can find casters and plating companies to help make the jewelry I
want to sell. Who should I turn to for the chip inlay work?