Looking for a Jewelry Rep

Hey all, I’m looking for a jewelry rep - any recommendations?

The line I’d like to use a rep for is one of a kind Titanium based
rings with inlays in 22k, 18k and fine silver. I’d like a
well-established rep who is familiar with Titanium. The rings are
innovative, very original, yet fairly mainstream (i.e. not
off-the-wall weird stuff!) Most are tension sets using CZ’s,
sapp/ruby and other hard stones. All are cast Ti, hand carved waxes
and hand finished.

Please email me personally or onlist with any advice, questions or
comments. Thanks very much!

David Tomich

(Orchid) Looking for a Jewelry Rep… Dear David, I am looking to add a
side line to my sales inventory. I would like to hear more about
your line of Titanium based Rings and Jewelry. You may contact me at
@MoissaniteRep . Thanks Mark