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Looking for a decent online gem supplier

I’m looking for a decent online gem supplier, I need someone with a
steady stock of 1/2-1 carat sapphires, in blue, pink, green, and
yellow, and black diamonds in 1/2 to 1 carat. I have looked around
eBay and Google, and found a few, but I was wondering if anyone had
any personal recommendations!

Thanks so much!

Stratura in Uxbridge, MA

Ask for Mary. I have dealt with them for nine years of excellent
service and excellent choices.


You might check the Stuller Gemstone Department… Andy

Try Crescent Gems… Ahmed Shareek is super to work with! He is
often on Orchid too…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

I totally agree, Ahmed Shareek. He is in Sri Lanka and has been a
loyal and helpful Orchidian for many years. Ahmed has joined us in
tucson a few times, while in the USA selling his fin gems. He also
offers a cutting service for customer owned stones.


I believe O’Neils Affiliated in Australia are setting up a website
for sales. I know they carry what you want.

Here is their online address

They are trade only.