Looking for a caster

I have never had a piece of my work cast before, and I have someone
from a large organization who called that would like me to make a
custom piece and then would like many more. Does anyone know of a
very good casting company? Thanks, Lee

Try Billanti Casting in New Hyde Park, NY

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.

Hi Lee, We do a lot of casting for designers as well as finishing. We
also have the capacity for cnc logo design and manufacture for
emblematic jewelry which normally cannot easily be done by hand.
Please email or give us a call at:


Daniel Grandi
Tel: 401-461-7803 eastern standard time

Hi, I am looking for a caster to cast some copper pieces for me,
does anyone know of a good and not too expensive caster??? Any info
would be great! Thanks, Bari

Bari- I can’t say enough good words for Daniel Grandi/Racecar Jewelry
and his casting. He frequently posts here (but has been very quiet
as of late) and you can get his info from the archives.

His quality is wonderful!

Best of luck.

Pure copper is very difficult to cast and most will not even try it.
If you can live with the color difference it use a silicon bronze or
red brass.