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Looking for a book

HI all,

I have been trying repeatedly to locate a copy of the book “Textile
Techniques in Metal” by Arlene Fisch. It seems that it’s been put
out of print, and now no one has it. I’ve tried Rio Grande, Barnes &
Noble, and the websites alphabetstreet, alibris, amazon, BOL & eBay.
Agh!!! I really wanted to get this book & I’m so disappointed that I
can’t find it anywhere. It’s been listed as available on several of
them, but then when I place the order I get an “I’m sorry” note a few
days later that they couldn’t actually get it. Barnes & Noble
actually supposedly had a copy in their "used & out of print"
section, but it was priced at $123!!! I want it, but not that

Do any of you know where I might be able to find a copy of it?

Oh, and yes, I’ve considered the library option. But I’m not in the
US & I don’t know that the libraries here in Germany would have such
a book in English. But I am going to give it a try anyay.



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You might try it’s my favorite book finder.


Lark Books carried it last year: maybe they stil have some copies

Janet Kofoed

I bought the Fisch book last year at Borders. They had it on the
shelf in their craft section. Try

The Oakland Museum in Oakland, CA has an exhibit of Fisch’s work
right now. Maybe they have this book or perhaps a show catalogue.
510-238-6305 Alana Clearlake, Emeryville, CA

Try they specialize in out of print and/or hard to find
books. They tell you the condition of the book and if the don’t have
it they will do a search for you. Good Hunting,

Lady Gem

Hi Lisa, I spoke to Arlene a few weeks ago, and her book is going to
be re-published very soon, It will be updated with some new photos.
If I hear of the release date I’ll post it for all.

Diane Petersen

The out of print version was probably published by Van Nostrand
Reinhold, it is now being published by Lark Books, ISBN
#N-O-937274-93-3. Our local Borders store has one on order, so I’m
sure it’s still available. The Lark Books has a free catalogue, you
can write for at:

Lark Books 50 College Street Asheville, NC 28801 They have a 1 800
284 3388 number, but it is for Canada and US calls.

I could try ordering it for you if you still can’t get it and send it
to you. It was listed at $26.95 when I bought it a couple years back.

Marta Irvin

   I have been trying repeatedly to locate a copy of the book
"Textile Techniques in Metal" by Arlene Fisch.  It seems that it's
been put out of print, and now no one has it.  

Try I’ve seen it in their print catalog several
times in the recent past, and they are a remainders specialist.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL OR @Ron_Charlotte1

Dear Lisa,

When I need an obscure book, I go to Rodger Friedman, an antiquarian
dealer located in Tuxedo, New York (wherever that is!). After an
Orchid thread on engine turning, Rodger found me a copy of the very
rare privately printed “Engine Turning” by Martin Matthews, signed by
the author. You can find Rodger at Disclaimer:
I’ve known the guy since 1969 and like him a lot. I have no financial
stake in his business.

Richard Hyer @rickhyer

    I have been trying repeatedly to locate a copy of the book
"Textile Techniques in Metal" by Arlene Fisch. 

try i have found there several old books that i
had been looking for for some time. 21northmain is a network of
bookstores. you do a search, find all of the books in their
databases, choose the book you want based upon description, condition,
price. 21northmain then sends your order to the store who has the
book you have chosen. you can buy books from different book stores
and only give your identification once. i hope you are successful.

jean adkins

Re:Looking for the Arlene Frisch bookTry ABEBooks and
Pricefinder–they may have other booksellers on their data base. Sandra

Hi, I am looking for the book by Walter Zeiss on Stone Setting. I
checked with Frei and Borel and they told me it is out of print. Any
body know where I can buy a copy?

Check out I bought Arline’s book a couple years ago
at good discount. They may or may not have it at any given time, but if
they do, it’s sure to be good price. I recently bought Helen Drutt’s
Jewelry of Our Time from them, in perfect condition, for $15. And s/h is a
flat $3, no matter how many books you buy.



If there isn’t such a thing as interlibrary loan in Germany that
would produce this book for you, what you need is a very good friend
in the States who can get it by interlibrary loan and copy the whole
book and send it to you. I have to confess that I have done this to
get ahold of a couple of gemology texts that were otherwise
unavailable. I’m not saying it’s legal, but it is doable, and if it
is out of print, the author is not losing anything if you copy the


Okay, how do you feel about ordering from the US?

There is a shop in Maryland called Terra Firma. Last time I was in
(last week FRIDAY), he haD four or five copies, at $19.95US. His phone
number is 410-828-5046.

Hope this helps!

A friend of mine just told me a few days ago that Arline Fisch’s book
is currently out of print - word is that a third edition will be
published with a few new or updated photos in the near future. (The
friend had just talked to Arline about the new addition). Have you
tried all the used book cites?? I found an old first edition a few
years ago before the second edition had been published. They are
around but not plentiful. You may not be able to find a new one at
the present time. Cites for finding used books have been discussed
several times here on Orchid. Check the archives if you don’t
have them readily at hand.