[Looking for] 5mm square crystal cabochons

Dear Orchidians, I’m looking forward to meeting some of you at the
Orchid-SNAG banquet. Can’t wait to preview summer!

I’m looking for 5mm square crystal cabochons; I don’t care what the
material is as long as it’s clear and colorless. If anyone knows of
a source, I’d be ever so grateful. They can be “low dome” or sort of
pointy, I don’t have a preference yet and will just be grateful to
find square ones.

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

Have you heard of Joseph Stachura Co., Inc. They are located in
Uxbridge Mass. I believe they are your next door neighbor, so to
speak. Call them at 508-278-6525 or check out
www.StachuraWholesale.com they carry square cabs from 3mm up to
6mm. In many stones. I know they have both rainbow and white
moonstone, which is pretty clear.

usual disclaimer. just a satisfied customer

Barbara Smith McLaughlin

Hi Christine, If you don’t find another source I can certainly cut
some for you. How many would you need, how high the dome?

Hans Durstling
For now in Sunland CA

Hi Christine, You might try some of the “closeout” folks in Prov.
R.I. Wolf Myrow on Aleppo St. Providence ,very organized. Waliga’s
on Atwood St. just outside of Prov. I can get lost in their
closeout room for days!!!Hope this helps. Helen