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Looking for 3D designer

Hi all,

Looking for a 3D designer to produce a gator with articulated neck and tail for a jewelry line. Please let me know if you can help!


Hi all! I am new to this site and hope I am in the right place! I am looking for a jewelry artist/designer that can work with me to produce a 3D model of a gator. The model will be used for making a mold to cast sterling and maybe gold. The tail and neck will be articulated so need someone with a good understanding of connections.
If you can help let me know! Many Thanks!

send me design

Kapil Jain

Hi Jain, Thank you for the response. The top photo is the initial design. The artist I was working with fell off the face of the earth so we never got past this. I like the general shape of the gator here but placement on the chain isn’t quite right. Second photo is a design I worked on with a group in India. They couldn’t get the gator quite right The head is too small and the body position isn’t correct. It looks more like a lizard. I also included images of articulated charms to show they type of articulation I’m looking for. I want it hidden, so the scaling on the gator will become the edge on the articulate areas. There will be one articulation at the neck, and 4-5 on the tail. The people in India tried to do the articulations but the back of the gator didn’t line up. I have attached their pieces for the articulation. The edges also didn’t overlap so it didn’t look right and the pieces kept spinning around. I had suggested using pins with ball ends and to make 2 rows down the animal starting with smaller ones on the head, behind the eyes, and running down the back to the tail. Then we could keep all the work to the outside of the gator. Very rough sketch of what I was thinking is attached. Thank you and I hope you can help!