[Looking 4] Professional Modelmaker

I am trying to place a Professional Modelmaker/MoldMaker with a fast
growing diamond studded jewelry manufacturer. In addition to
modeling skills the person should have production and supervisory
skills. The compensation package is very competitive and includes
relocation funds.

If you are interested please send me a short description of your
experience with the above tasks.

James McMurray

Hi James;

My Name is John Hegle and I have been making custom jewelry in
Seattle for over 30 years, I have worked for fiori D’Oro and was a
caster, setter for them. I have also worked at Sunderlunds in
Bellevue as a repair jeweler. I then went to Marlows and set, cast
and made mold and models, also made silicone molds. I have worked
with as many as ten under me and have skills in all fields of
jewelry from gemology to geology and have gone as far as to collect,
alloy, cut and polish the stone all the way to completion of the
ring. to date I have made over 5000 original one of a kind designs.

Thank You John Hegle

PS I have worked with all types of metal

Hello James:

My name is Margie Mersky. I’ve been carving wax models for 20 years.
I also teach wax carving and jewelry design at MCTC. Please visit my
website to see the collection of styles and techniques that I’m able
to achieve. My work will speak for itself ~ www.mmwaxmodels.com