[Looking 4] Opposed bar cut gems

Hi folks, I’m in need of a variety of gems cut either in an opposed bar
cut approximately 8x4mm or an elongated emerald, cushion or rectangular cut
approx. 8x4mm Anybody know of any sources or cutters who can help with
this?? The stones I’m needing at the moment are blue or green tourmaline,
red garnet and amethyst. Thanks for any leads. Michelle

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Try Joseph Menzie in New York. They will cut for you in any stone and
they are good to work with. They do opposed bars and many checkerboard
cuts also. Let me know and I can Fax you the appropriate pages in their

Joseph Menzie Inc.
570 5th Ave.  4th Floor  
New York,  NY  10036
212-302-7046 (FAX)