[Looking 4] Making mold and waxes

I had written some time back asking about casting plant material,
Thank you to everyone who responded for all of the useful
My son successfully made a casting of a Darlingtonia californica
(Cobra Lily) pitcher, out of 4 pitchers one came out nearly perfect
and it was the one we most hoped for too. He now wants to make copies
of this piece but the school doesn’t have the supplies to make a mold
and then the wax patterns. We are looking for someone who can make a
mold and the wax pieces so he can then cast more. The piece is 1.5
inches tall was cast in silver and weights 11 grams if some one can
help us please write me at @Craig_Gardner1 and we can
discuss price. If anyone is interested I can put a pic up on a web

For those interested a Cobra Lilly is an insect eating plant from
Northern California and southern Oregon that has pitchers as tall as 3 feet.